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KAUST visiting student accommodation consists of shared rooms and apartments at the Harbor Town Center or Harbor neighborhood with KAUST Students.

Sharing may only be entered into with other sharers of the same gender and apartment blocks are gender specific.

Apartments and Rooms

Accommodation is provided furnished with arrangements in place for upkeep and maintenance. Apartments in the Harbor neighborhood have domestic appliances including refrigerator, dishwasher, electric stove and oven.

Harbor Town Center accommodation is centrally located and has appliances including a refrigerator and microwave as well as easy and convenient access to food outlets and facilities including a supermarket laundry service.

Room assignment is based on the type of room available at any given time, and can not be reserved in advance.

Soft Package

To have the basics available when visiting students arrive, each sharer receives a ‘soft package’ with bedroom and bathroom linen as well as dining utensils.
The soft package is available for use during students' stay and should be left in the room after a student leaves.

Facilities Maintenance

A maintenance helpdesk is available for support with servicing KAUST facilities and equipment.

Waste Management

KAUST makes recycling easy and handles community waste and recycling. There are designated bins with lids for recycling, trash and organic waste in communal location for shared buildings.

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