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Rent Adjustment FAQs

Please find a compilation of common questions asked relating to the rent adjustment from July 1st, 2024 here.

The periodic reassessment of rental rates offers the opportunity to respond to changes in demand as well as costs over time. As in previous years, an annual review of rental rates has resulted in an adjustment of housing rental charges.
Rental rates are reviewed annually.
The Housing Rent Policy will specify the changes to rental rates affecting all KAUST residents in accordance with entitlement.
Please find an indication of the new rental rates in the Housing Rent Policy table to be applied from July 2024.
Rental contributions will continue to be capped at 25% of base salary for KAUST staff in their eligible units and in accordance with the Housing Rent Policy.
The same resident benefits enjoyed under the previous rental framework including access to various community facilities still apply.
For specific information relating to the Housing Rent, please refer to the Housing Rent Policy via the University Policy Site
or contact us:
- Housing Resident Relations Team:

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